Using dance as a metaphor, Re-embody explores the progression of healing as a body discovers that it holds the unconscious secrets to rebirth, housed in physical memories that surface when the mind can be stilled. The experiential game, Perfection, and quotes from the content expert’s interview, provide context to this short film, and help us empathize with the challenges faced by an individual with an eating disorder as they seek to overcome it.

Re-embody uses snippets of conversations and/or brief snatches from interviews as opposed to complete thoughts or opinions. This structure lent itself to the idea of memory and thought, how that leads to acceptance and growth depicted through the pensiveness of the dance sequence.


  • Anuradha Rana
  • Charlotte Pence
  • Mischa Hiessboeck
  • B. Rich
Additional Camera
  • Eric Liberacki II
  • Eric Liberacki II
Sound Engineer
  • JP
Location Sound
  • Christopher Johnson
  • KeKe
  • Cheryl Petratos
Budget Manager
  • Jennifer McClelland
Special thanks to:
  • Doris Rusch
  • David Miller, Dean, College of Computing and Digital Media